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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 14, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a fight on aacityybus.. paught on camera.whatta teenage girl was doing seconds beeore this brawl between her (make sure to bllr face like do you explain the purchase last night? i have no idea how heee.and... marijuana... disggised as andy.who's selling ii in baltimore.... and what o look out for n your own home. &p3 p3 3 wednesday, november 14th. 3 3 3
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an early morning fire breaks out in this hour, crews are still on the sc. scenn.megan gilliland is live there now... with moreeon possible injuries. good morning guys,ad llb...#20 blake courrreisterstown2 alarm any injurespio headed to the - scenestarted at 0101 p:42 eetremely difficult for &pfirefighters.... oc: found he ii a bedroom upstairss upstairs. 3
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homicide detectives are investigating a shooting ouu of west baltimorr.. baltimore...t happened just before 9-30 last night on west lafayette avenue near braddish avenue.police say two men and one woman were hurt.there's no word on a suspect or motive at citt pooice are looking or the person who stabbed a man po death in bboadddayliggt. officcrs fouud a man lying in the street aroundd3-30 monday
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afternooo... on rutland avenue... near east lafaaette. hospital. an m-t-a bus driver is puspended this morning... &pafter video surfaced of her getting into a ist fight wwth a teenage passengerr passenger.witnesses recordedd it on person told fox 45 that the driver and the teen... started arruing over somm loud music.then, instead stopped the bus, approached swinggng t her... even pinning her into theeseat. thh m-t-a issinvestigating. suspended for violating a no- engaggmeet policy. a broken ipeethat sent water downtown baltimore earlier of - phis weee has been replaced. old pipe ruptured mooday morning... sending madissn street near guilford avenue.crews located aad removed the old pipe before
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guilford avenue has reoppned ..- this morniig but a section of madison street ii still closed. pecovery costs of super storm the states hit by the storm... and now seven staaes are asking the white house for more help.thirteen senators from those states... including maryland.... joined together in aarequest to president obama for more emergency aad. they want quicc action bb the president to help speedd recovery efforts... however... their request omes at a time when congress and the pow to avert a fiscaa crisis, &pand conservative lawmakers ar expectee to oppose new ssending without ffsetss eesewhhre. the acting chief executive of the long island power authority rsigns... effective at the end of theeyear.mike hervey's resignation comes following superstorm sandy. new york governor andree cuomo pllns to have aaspeeial commission investigate the of long island residents filed - a class-action lawsuit against
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them for its response to the storm. it's been tww weekk since sandy hit and almost 50- thousand residents are still waittng forrpower. toddy... on the so-called on - "fiscal cliff". it's a mix off tax increases and spenddng cuts... hatttake effect next year. as martha shade it would plungg the u-s 3conomy back into recession. we want an agreement. we want an agreement. repubbiians and democrats have 48 days to ccme up with that greement, and avoii having the nation goo over the so-caaled "fiscal cceeos o ggt their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders weet &ppo tte white house to discuss the tax increases and ssendinn cuts set to take effect in compromise.the president, like that rich people pay tteir fair share. hh's very, very committed to that.if things
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don't change, tax cuts will expiie for middle-income americans n january. the tax policy center estimatts the aveeage household aces a tax increase of 35--undred-dollars. thinking ttat mighh not be a nd possibility for people whh doo use that money at the end of the year forrbig expenses that would be tough."democrats want and to keep current taxes repuulicans want to cut ss. government spending. a ew poll shhws mann americans thinkklawmakers arr too far ppllsters they thinkkconnress - won't reach a deel. i'm marthaa shade reporting. witt congressional leaders mee from both parties on friday. the u-s combat mission in afghanistan is set to end in 20-14... but not every trooo will be coming home.according to defense secretaryyleon panetta... the aaministration is still working out he detaiis.a decision should be
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made n the coming weeks... about how many troops will remaan to help with security training and to conduct a against al qaedd.right now... about 67-thousand u-s troops are still n theecountty. 3&he resigned as head of the stopping general david petraeus form getting a promotion in the world of video the new "call of duty: black oos two" ggme... petraeus has been appointed defense secretary in the year 20-25.the game was 3today... nearly 8- hundred-million facebook shares are expected to hit the . market.that's ecause it's the day employees and investors get a chance to sell. faaebook's initial ppblic offerrng... back in may... included a "llckup" agreement... which restricts some shareholders from selling for a certain peeiod of time. boost stock ppice... bb keeping stock supply scarce. but it hasn't worked. facebook shares have ost nearly half their value since debutinggat mitt romney has been losing
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facebook friends by the thousands... ever since losing the election.the "washingtoo post" repootssthat fans have been "unliking" rrmney's officiil page since thh results came out last week.ass of monday... hh's been losinn an average of 11 likes every minute.the good news is... rooney still hhs more than 12- million facebook fans and 1-point-- million folllwers on twitter. coming up on the eaaly edition... a cancer survivor gets inspired... by his prognos. prognosis.theeunique messaging service he's launched. 3 ((break 1)) 3
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could coffee... eventually
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a new report... arabica coffee could be extinct by the year of climate changee all because change.sciintistsssay it's because the cofffe grown on most plantations... ccmes from that they don'' have the &pability to adapt to a shiftin of now... coffee prices are s &palready the highest they''e bben in 30 yearr... because of a combination of high demandd and poor arvests. ((2-shot toss to wwather)) 3 -3 3 weather)) ((ad lib meteoroooggst))
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3 still to come... triple-a releases iis hollday travel for. forecast.the milllons of americans expected to driie sending a meesage... at a specific dateein the future. the unnque service one man devastating illness. ((break 2)) p3
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a cancer diignosis gave a san francisco mmn the idea or explains... he started up a unique meesaainn service. service. --reporter pkg-as follows --it was december 2010. duncan seay, a 46 year old father of , was diagnosed pith cancer, an aggressive before christmas. nd it was ks3 ponnering about our own 're - longevity on the planet.the terrifying prognosis made him think about the kindssof tthngs he'd like to tell his children. not then, but well into the future. kind of like movie my liie."" wanted tt e leave you his videotape for bettee or worse, so that you know something about me.and messages of wisdom, lessons really the aha moment to be able to deliver youtube-type of delivery message to myykids in the future.except there was no simple and efficient waa to
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&pdo this heellunched evergram, a new kind of service that allows users to create messages and have them &pdelivered sometime intoothe future. you caa use your phone or computer.standup - duncan soon realized though thh dea would apply to all kinds of things. wedddngs would be especially ideal. by allowing and relatives to offer delivered on the day of a wedding.nats here's how it works. a uer creatts an account ann invites friends friends to participate. guests can delivee an audio, vvdeo or text message. the service is free, for noww the compann is focused on building its user base.toowhip up aalittleebuzz, ddncan donned a wedding dress minddul of the fact that it's very difficult get attention ffr a tech startup. simon: can you explain what that was all aboot?i thoughh who better than myself to be showing up
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in a wedding dress to create some attention and to creaae awareness around our new pay off. bloggers took notice and the compaay is gaining can maae pvergrams around all sorts of things.teecher appreciation, memorials, class yearbooks and birthhays.he says at some point he'd like tt uuld in that feaaure of messaaes delivered after one's death. for noww he'' just grateful to have the chance to build an simoo,,cnn, san francisco -----end-----cnn.script----- straaght ahead... roadssandd airports will be crowded this t. thanksgiving.the peak traael days... you may want to void. ((break 3)) 3g@gooww
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hey, look! a shooting star!
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make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. holiday travel season is just a few ddys away, and traaelers will have a little more company on the roads than hey
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did last year. but as karin caifa reports... americans will spend less on their closer to home. somewhat 3 --reporttr pkg-as hii the road this ricans will thankkgiving, but they'll spend a little ess. that'ss aacording to triple-a, which ffrecasts 43-poinn-six mmilion travelerr for the holiday, an uptick of ess than one percent over llst year. the ffctors that are behind these the economy, and as we all know, thh economy is till sluggish, but there is improvement. average spending pn thanksgivvng trips is expecteddto drop 56 ddllars from last year. the average distance, down 16 percent.. theevast majority of travelers will go by car, more han 39 expecttd on par wiih last number of airrpassengers -- slightty down, to just over three-point-one million. ddssite a ew lessstravelers innthe skies, fare wwtchers
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say don't expect ast-minute deals.if you haven't yet booked your holiday travel and you''e looking to find that great airfarr deal, forr phanksgiving weekend, yyu may pe out of luck with just a &pweek until the holidays,,thos few seats that are left on thee plane are certainly going to be at a premium. ffr infrequent fliers, the t-s-a and screening ppocedures.we y unddrstand that holiday with a positive experience at the airport.and be mindful of peak travel days, the wwdnesdayybefooe thanksgiving, wasshngton, i'm karin caifa. -----end----- cnn.script----- commng up... a public punishhent... doesn't go exactly as planned. planned.the questionable behavioo that will get ooe woman a personal visit... from 3 supers:mark yman 0:06-0:38
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boys will be girls 0:38mark hyman 0:06- 0:38boys wwll be girls pth - boys will be girlsone washington has ignited a controversy n a female lockee room.the 5-year man, who calls himself colleennffannis &phas all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothinggs bben changed. exccpt three years pgo he declared himself a now he uues the ladies' locker room. and shhwers. and aunaa fully nude.loccl area swim teams use the evergreen pool. and - loccer room. and showers. nude man lying abouttthh locker room thhyywere told the sshool's non-dissrimination policy prrtects him. aa a self-identified transgender, he's allowed to decide for himself which facilities - male or female - he gets to use.tteecollege claims a state non-discrimination law backs up its policy to allowwall tranngenders to use any facillty.maybe a fraternity r
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the football team willl announce thee're transgender so that they, too, can shower in tte ggrls' locker room.60 piles down interstate-5 t the university of washinnton they're having none of this nonsense. t the q-ceeter which is a "resourcc center dedicated to serving anyone with a gender or sexuality" - &pwhich includes everyone - ttey're building a universal &pshower that anyone can more on this storyyvisit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and faceeook. i'm mark hyman. 33
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ccmeras.... cloccing the wrong speed. the vehicles and how you can fight the fine. on fox45 newssat -3five. 3 3 3 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every hour, everyday on fox45 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving.
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